Organic Cotton Towel

Organic Cotton Towel

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Did you know that regular cotton is the most heavily pesticide sprayed crop? So whatever get sprayed that cotton, ends up in the fabric of your towel. So if you use non-organic towels, your skin can absorb those chemicals left in the fabric. That's why we choose organic cotton. Always.

Organic cotton (GOTS-certified).

Why these materials?
Buying and using organic cotton is a huge step in the right direction. You don't support the regular cotton industry, where pesticides are used. Pesticides are no good. They cause serious health issues for the cotton farmers and negatively impact the surrounding areas and wildlife. 

How to use
The regular way. This might feel softer, and no guilt while drying after you showered. 

We just send them in a recycled cardboard box with paper tape.

Throw away
Bring them to a textile recycling point or second-hand shop.

Organic: Yes. 
Fair Labour: Yup.
Fairtrade: Yes. 

Brand information
Country of Origin:
Made in India.