Shaving Soap
Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap

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'Regular' shaving cream often contains stearic acid (packaging: sodium stearate). This makes sure that the consistency is stiff and it foams, however it dries your skin out. Besides, it can cause skin irritation, eczema or ends up in your bloodstream. Werfzeep came up with an all natural and organic shaving soap.

Oils of cocoa butter*, olive* en cocoa*, water, castor oil*, borage oil*, essential cedar oil*, eucalyptus* and pine tree*, larixhydrolat×; extracts of nettle× and horse chestnut×. 
*=certified organic ingredients
×=wild harvesting

Why these ingredients?
This shaving cream leaves a smooth skin without it being dry, so you can shave without any pain or blood. Werfzeep is an organic soap, made with plant-based ingredients. They don't compromise in the ingredients they use. No refined fatty acids. No synthetic foaming agents. No synthetic perfumes. No synthetic dyes. No synthetic preservatives. 

Biodegradable: Yep. Since all ingredients are plant-based, there is no harm in washing them down the drain.
Organic: Yep. Without exclusion. 

Vegan: Yes.

How to use
Moisten the soap until it foams. Apply where needed. For the man that wants to use it: 
put it in a bowl and use a shaving brush to apply the soap.

Wrapped in recycled paper packaging.

Throw away
Throw the paper wrapper in the paper recycling.

Brand Information
Brand Name: Werfzeep
Country of origin: the Netherlands
Instagram: @Werfzeep