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Commercial shampoos often contain foaming agents, synthetic dyes or toxic preservatives. Bad news; your skin absorbs these chemicals and they end up in your bloodstream. Besides, they can cause serious irritation on your scalp. That's why we offer Werfzeep's shampoo, which is made of only organic and natural ingredients. 

oils of cocos*, olive*, take*, cocoa butter * and karite butter *, water, essential oils of lavender *, eucalyptus *, coriander seed *, cajeput *, peppermint * and root seed *; castor oil *; heidehoning ×.
*=certified organic ingredients
×=wild harvesting

Why these ingredients?
Other mass-produced shampoos often include toxic ingredients. For example foaming agents or preservatives. Bad news, because your skin absorbs the soap you use. So whatever is in that soap, ends up on your skin or worse, in your bloodstream. This can lead to skin irritation, eczema or other serious health problems.

Werfzeep doesn't compromise in the ingredients they use. No refined fatty acids. No synthetic foaming agents. No synthetic perfumes. No synthetic dyes. No synthetic preservatives. 

Biodegradable: Yep. Since all ingredients are plant-based, there is no harm in washing them down the drain.
Organic: Yep. Without exclusion. 

Vegan: Yes.

How to use
Rub the soap into your hair and make sure it foams. Also possible: rub it into your hands and massage it into your hair. If you use a natural shampoo for the first time; it takes a little time to get used to it. If your hair feels a bit rough after washing, rinse it with apple cider vinegar. This will give it a healthy glow and is good for your scalp.

Wrapped in recycled paper packaging.

Throw away
Throw the paper wrapper in the paper recycling.

Brand Information
Brand Name: Werfzeep
Country of origin: the Netherlands
Instagram: @Werfzeep