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What's in my cleaning products?

We wondered, too. The labels didn't bring us any further. So we did some research and found some interesting things. Did you know that most packaging is hard to recycle and thus end up in oceans or landfill? That cleaning product manufacturers in Europe are not legally required to list all ingredients on their packaging? And that the majority of cleaning products are full of harmful chemicals? And that as a result, these toxic chemicals can negatively affect our bodies, our homes, and the planet?

That's why we started Zero

We believe everyone deserves to know what’s in their cleaning products. We actively fight to create a new normal. A normal that gives you the opportunity to buy guilt-free. No nonsense, just transparency.
We are two sisters on a mission.  
With our idealistic point of view, we believe we can truly make a difference.
By questioning everything, we take into account every single aspect of the product. 
Just take a look below.

Our promises


You deserve the truth. All of it.
Cleaning products often list unpronounceable ingredients on their packaging. Besides, they're not legally required to list all ingredients. We think you deserve to know what's in your products. That's why we list all ingredients. Always.

Choose toxic-free
Many popular cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals.
So, when we clean we expose our bodies to these chemicals.
To us, this doesn’t make any sense. We only use natural ingredients which are safe for you, your body and your home.  Choosing Zero is choosing a toxic-free household.
Guilt-free consumption
All our packaging is recyclable. Packaging waste has become a major
environmental problem and we’re not planning to contribute.
All packaging we use is fully recyclable. No need to feel guilty throwing
our products away, since none of it will end up in landfill or the ocean.



Go biodegradable 
But why? Cleaning products that are full of harmful chemicals that don't biodegrade end up in our waterways where they can threaten aquatic life. All our ingredients are biodegradable. You can easily rinse them down the drain since they decompose naturally.

Choose cruelty-free & vegan
To us, living creatures are not test objects.
Our ingredients are all natural and cruelty-free.
No suffering needed. We also exclude any animal or
animals by-products.

Contribute to the new normal
By choosing Zero, you help to create a new normal. A normal in which
transparency is key. A normal in which businesses make sure they provide the best possible product for their customer and the planet.  When we start making a profit, we'll be creating more awareness through our platform. That's a promise.