Recycled Toilet Paper
Recycled Toilet Paper

Recycled Toilet Paper

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The production of toilet paper accounts for 15% of deforestation worldwide. How is this possible? Because over half the toilet paper we consume is non-recycled toilet paper from natural forests, plantations and tree farms supply. More and more forests are destroyed just for us to wipe our buts. 

Plus, the trend to want 'super white' toilet paper required over 67 billion gallons of bleaching annually. This chloride ends up polluting our waterways. That's why we support sustainable toilet paper.

Unique production process with the lowest environmental impact in the world. Feels comfortable and soft. 
Unbleached. 100% recycled: made of old paper and used cardboard. Biodegradable. 
Sustainably bleached (chlorine-free). 100% recycled paper. Biodegradable. 

No plastic packaging. Send in a recycled cardboard box with paper tape.

-Chlorine Free: No chlorine used in the production process
-EcoLogo: Approved by GEN (Global Ecolabelling Network)
-GreenSeal: Used of recycled paper in production process
-Green-e: Usage of Green Energy

How to use
Just like your regular toilet paper. 

Throw away
Flush it down without feeling guilty. Biodegradable and doesn't pollute the waterways.

Brand Information
Brand Name: Cascades
Country of origin: Canada