Why I Journal

Life can be overwhelming sometimes. Without paying attention our days can be filled with 'obligations' and 'tasks' and we forget all about ourselves. It becomes impossible to hear our own inner voice because we think in deadlines and to do's.

Feeling overwhelmed too?

Recognize this feeling of overwhelm? I had the same feeling. I felt like I was stuck in a rollercoaster a lot of the times. The ride was fun at times, but other times I so desperately needed some peace and quiet. Some time to clear my thoughts. But I honestly didn't know how. So, I decided to do what I did best when I was young: journaling.

Why I journal

People often ask me why I journal. It's simple: it makes me feel peaceful. It gives me the opportunity to write down all the thoughts that are going on in my head (believe me, it can be really busy up there). I don't have a special technique, I just start writing whatever comes to mind. This allows me to see my own emotions more clearly.

I love to go through old journals and see all the progression I've made. How my thoughts have become so much more loving towards myself and more positive in general. I usually journal right before going to bed. Before or after my evening meditation (whatever feels right for me in the moment).

Start journaling your way

If you feel overwhelmed at times, I would encourage you to start journaling. Buy a notebook and put it next to your bed (or at any place where you can find your quiet in the house). The fun thing is: there are no rules! It's just you and your thoughts. There is no good or bad way to do it because all our emotions are valid. Every emotion, positive or negative, is there to teach you something. Be kind to yourself.

I hope this was helpful in any way and that you are excited to start your journaling experience. I would love to hear your experiences.

Love + Peace + Dolphins, 

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