3 Steps to Positive Self-Talk

When I started taking better care of my body, I noticed that I wasn't really taking care of my mind. The more I felt in tune with my body (yoga and meditation saved me), the more I noticed how awful I talked to myself. How unkind I was to myself and how I would never  want to treat someone else the way I treated myself.

We all talk to ourselves every day. It's that little voice inside you that sometimes tell you what to do, how to do it or even what you should or shouldn't be doing. I was fed up telling myself that I wasn't good enough, thin enough, smart enough (you get the gist). So, I formulated three steps to help myself change the negative into the positive:

1) Listen 

It seems obvious, but it's crucial. It all starts with listening. Being aware that you dotalk negatively. What is it you're telling yourself exactly? You're not (...) enough? If it helps you, write it down in a notebook. I usually do this in the evenings when I journal. When I write things down they suddenly seem to be real, whereas if I just think about it I might not notice how negative my thoughts really are.

2) Challenge 

Now it's up to you to challenge your thoughts. Is there any evidence that this is the truth? Do you think your family and friends would talk to you this way? Why do I think so negatively about myself and my actions? Really question your own thoughts. This helps you to notice how crazy or out of line they can be.

3) Change 

So, you realized that you were talking negatively and that it didn't make much sense. Go ahead and actively change your self-talk. If you notice that it comes out of anger or frustration, ask yourself: How can I solve this problem while being kind to myself? You know that you deserve better. That's probably why you're reading this article, your inner voice already told you that you deserve to be kinder to yourself.

I hope this is helpful in any way and that you can start practicing loving thoughts. Always remember that you are a beautiful soul and that you deserve love. You deserve to be loving towards yourself.

Love + Peace + Dolphins,

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